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Information about the North Area of Greater Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, unlike all the other provinces in Argentina, is divided into what is here called a "partido" (literally game, meaning district) instead of "departamentos" (departments). In the North Area of Greater Buenos Aires, the division of districts and their respective neighborhoods is as follows:

  • Escobar: Belén de Escobar, Garín, Ingeniero Maschwitz, Maquinista Savio, and Matheu.
  • José C. Paz: Vucetich, and Jose Clemente Paz.
  • Malvinas Argentinas: Campo de Mayo, Grand Bourg, Los Polvorines and Pablo Nogues.
  • Pilar: Del Viso, Pilar, Manzanares, Villa Rosa, Villa Astolfi, Presidente Derqui, Tortuguitas, and Manuel Alberti.
  • San Fernando: Victoria, San Fernando, and Virreyes.
  • San Isidro: Martinez, San Isidro, Boulogne, Lomas de San Isidro, Acassuso, and Beccar.
  • General San Martin: José León Suarez, San Martín, and Villa Ballester.
  • San Miguel: Bella Vista, San Miguel, Campo de Mayo, and Muñiz.
  • Tigre: Benavidez, Tigre, General Pacheco, Dique Lujan, El Talar, Don Torcuato, and Lopez Camelo.
  • Vicente López: Olivos, Vicente Lopez, Florida, Carapachay, and La Lucila.
Real Estate Market in the North Areas of Greater Buenos Aires

Currently there are a large number of real estate developments taking place in the Northern Districts of Greater Buenos Aires. They are mainly focused on the construction of Closed Neighborhoods, "Countries" (a type of private neighborhood), and highly valued houses, making it possible to see the spending power of those living in the North Areas of Greater Buenos Aires.

In the North Areas you can also find a large number of smaller ranches and weekend houses, which makes the districts very active, and at the same time very calm. On the weekends, their close proximity to the City of Buenos Aires makes them a very attractive tourist goal.

The North Area of Greater Buenos Aires is characterized as residential and calm, something that attracts a lot of persons from the City of Buenos Aires ( Federal Capital) that are drawn by the promise of a calm life surrounded by nature, and this, naturally, has quickly made the prices in the different districts sky-rocket.

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